Guyana Goldstrike Inc.

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Guyana Goldstrike Inc.

Post by stockrus » Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:24 pm

January 29, 2019

I thought to start a blog for this company as I understand 2019 will be the year Guyana Goldstrike will be drill their main project the Marudi Gold Project.

With the price of gold in the 1300's it may be of good timing for a lot of the gold jrs.

Guiyana Shield is a target for Barrick and with 110 M ozs of inventory it makes sense for Barrick to take an interest.

"Barrick keen on Guyana Shield, Canada for exploration: executive" ... SKCN1NL276

Barrick already has invested in Reunion Gold (~ $10M) and will be seeking other suitable gold jrs in the region.

Guyana Goldstrike has a lot of attractive features which imo attract Barrick.

Share Structure 53 M I/O ( Jan 2019)

Zijin Funds 24% (invested 3.2M in 2018)

Advanced project ( 40,000 m drilling)

Two drilled out deposits

43-101 resource of 345,700 oz gold at one deposit the Mazoa Hill

Open Pit Mine

13,500 acres (54 sq. kms) in size,

5 % of project explored to date

The new area the 2.5 km Toucan Ridge has consistently been successful by trenching & sampling for gold in the quartzite host rock as high 7 g/t

New geophysics will provide more depth to geological insights and drill targets

Mining Permit & License for production

Mining camp in place

Should we all see a bull gold market in 2019, 2020 .... Guyana Goldstrike should be in the portfolio of any jr miner investor, because the potential for real new discoveries seems to be very reasonable when we look at what the property's potential is with drilling new areas and not to forget about Barrick ....
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