FENX - Next Continental CNL high grade gold Colombia

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FENX - Next Continental CNL high grade gold Colombia

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Team behind is the P.Geo that discovered Buritica with CNL's Ari Sussmaan who's also now running Collective (CNL 2.0, same ticker).
FENX:CSE is right next doors.

Abriaqui is only 15km west of Buritica and host the same geological trends according to Dr. Stu.
Exploration to Date

The entire property has been mapped. Veins, stockwork and areas of potassic alteration have been sampled and assayed for multiple elements. Over 300 samples have been taken from the veins, 15% of which grade in excess of 20 g/t Au. Significant anomalies also exist in copper and silver.

A four square kilometer grid of ground magnetics has been completed. Data (reduced to the pole) indicate that the vein areas show no response but that the area of gold-mineralized magnetite-bearing alteration in the west-central part of the property show a significant magnetic anomaly. A second magnetic high in the southeastern license is coincident with a gold-in-soil anomaly and both anomalies are open to the south at the edges of their respective grids.

Over 1000 soil samples have been taken throughout the area of the two main licenses on a 25 x 100 meter grid. Almost all the known veins appear to be generating gold soil anomalies of 100 to +1000 ppb. Numerous additional areas between and outward from known vein families are also significantly anomalous. The discovery of multiple previously unknown veins directly under soil anomalies in drill hole P002 validates the technique and puts many new areas into play for additional drilling.

Phase 1 drilling was completed in March, 2021 with 4029 meters of in nine holes. The drilling was concentrated in the more accessible northwestern license. Most holes were angled at -45 degrees from the horizontal to cut across families of steeply dipping veins with each hole targeting multiple veins.
Drilling Results

Results of the Phase 1 drill program are summarized in Figure 1 and Table 1.

P001 was drilled to the southwest to test the main northwest trending vein family (NWC in Figure 1). Nine veins were intersected ranging from 4.2 – 71.9 g/t gold and thicknesses from 0.2 – 4.1 meters.

P002 was drilled to the northeast from the same pad as P001 to test several gold-in-soil anomalies. Several previously unknown veins were intersected.

P003 and P004 were drilled to the northeast from the second pad to test parts of the east-west trending vein family. Four lower grade mineralized intercepts, each between 7-8 meters thick, were intersected in the two holes with the best grade being 1.53 g/t gold over 7.75 meters in P004. P003 contained 24 individual veins over 1 g/t Au.

P005 was drilled to test the western part of the main east-west vein corridor (the EWC in Figure 1) in the upper part of the hole and the strike extension of the main northwest trending vein family (NWC) at depth. The hole extended the strike length of the EWC to over 600m and the deepest intersection on the NWC extended the minimum vertical range of ore grade mineralization in the project area to 1200m.

P006 tested the area between the two main vein corridors and intersected the thickest mineralized interval to date, 7.70m @ 8.46 g/t gold.

P007 tested several short veins to the north of the EWC and P008 was angled at -65 degrees to test mined out areas intersected in holes P005 and P006.

P009 extended the strike length of the NWC to 1400 meters and tested one of the main magnetic anomalies on the property.
FenixOro Gold is a dynamic exploration and development company focused on the acquisition and advancement of gold projects in Colombia, South America. With a team of industry experts and a deep understanding of the region's geology, the company has strategically positioned itself to capitalize on the vast mineral potential that Colombia has to offer.

Promising Projects:
One of the key factors that make FenixOro Gold an attractive investment is its portfolio of high-potential projects. The company's flagship property, Abriaqui, is located in the heart of the prolific Mid-Cauca gold belt, known for its rich mineral deposits. Abriaqui has already demonstrated exceptional gold mineralization in multiple veins, attracting the attention of both investors and industry experts.

FenixOro Gold's dedication to exploring and expanding its resource base is evident through its ongoing exploration efforts at Abriaqui. The company is deploying modern exploration techniques, including geophysical surveys and drilling campaigns, to unlock the full potential of this promising asset. The results obtained so far indicate the presence of significant gold deposits, further underscoring the vast opportunities that lie ahead.
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