Gold Bull Resources - TSXV: GRBC

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Gold Bull Resources - TSXV: GRBC

Post by coach247 » Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:53 pm

Gold Bull has reported the acquisiton of a gold project from Newmont and the stock is up sharply even though gold is on its ass today. ... om-newmont

I like the project. I think $4 million is about right given the potential exploration upside. For roughly 300K oz of gold they are paying just $35 per ounce in the ground or so. I think there will be a retained royalty on the project and if its more than 2% that would be an impairment on value. Otherwise its a good deal.

Sounds like a good story, but I think extreme caution is warranted for the short term. Note that this placement @ 5 cents closed at the end of June: ... -financing

So the shares will shortly become free trading that are a 10-bagger on day one. Even the warrants are a huge win. Some of this paper is going to be dumped on Oct 27th no matter what the fundarmentals. I suspect we are going to be told about a very large placement too just before this selling event. They need to raise cash for all of that exploration plus the acquisiton costs.

I would be tempted to short a stock like this for running too far to fast but in this world, gold could easily make another huge move or the stock could be featured by a paid newsletter pumper and its just too risky. If I get a shot at cheap shares in a couple of weeks I will be a buyer.

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