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NRL - Natan Resources

Post by Dajets97 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:31 pm

Anyone following Natan? This Montalembert property was optioned to Natan by Globex. The deal seems expensive for Natan. Natan is at $0.21 right now with 30 Mil shares o/s.

Here's the latest NR:

Globex samples up to 438.23 g/t Au at Montalembert

2017-01-20 09:16 ET - News Release

See News Release (C-GMX) Globex Mining Enterprises Inc

Mr. Jack Stoch of Globex reports


Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. and Natan Resources Ltd. have released results of channel sampling undertaken on the Montalembert gold property located near Waswanipi, Que.

In October, 2016, a total of 208 channel samples was collected ranging from 0.5 metre to 1.35 m in length, averaging 0.97 metre.

One hundred twenty-two samples were taken in 25 channel lines on the No. 2 vein system with channels being spaced three metres apart.
Sixty-four samples were taken in 16 channel lines on the Galena vein system with channels being spaced 10 metres apart.
Eleven samples were taken on a stripped area between the No. 2 vein system and the Galena vein system as were 11 samples on a similar stripped area 60 m to the south.
The mineralization on the Montalembert gold property consists of coarse free gold in or near quartz vein systems. The veins were stripped and power washed to facilitate detailed mapping and subsequent channel sampling. Channel sampling of free gold occurrences is a hit-or-miss process due to the erratic distribution of coarse free gold in quartz vein systems.

Numerous anomalous gold values were received from the vein systems with the best assays listed in the associated table.

Vein system No. 2

Four out of five channel samples over a 12 m strike length assayed as shown in the associated table.

Sample Au Ag Width
No. (g/t) (g/t) (m)

D109955 8.88 2.6 0.75
D109952 39.35 14.4 1.10
D109580 5.07 July, 2016, channel not analyzed for silver 0.95
D109891 4.56 1.8 0.9

Previous grab samples in the area assayed 84.04 grams per tonne gold (ID No. D107317), 36.26 g/t Au (ID No. D107315) and 17.26 g/t Au (ID No. D107311).

Grab sample ID No. D107447, taken 27 m north of the grouping of gold values reported above, assayed 64.48 g/t Au. Of the vein No. 2 channel samples, 16.3 per cent returned assays over 0.1 g/t Au.

Galena vein system

The Galena vein is where historical trenching over a near-continuous strike of 123 m, an average width of 0.65 m and an average depth of 0.6 m in 78 samples weighing approximately 3.6 kilograms each averaged 20.8 g/t Au (28.9 g/t Au uncut) were reported by Rochelom Mines Ltd. in 1974.

A channel sample, ID No. 110059, taken where Globex grab samples previously showed coarse visible gold, assayed 119.94 g/t Au and 14.5 g/t Ag over a width of one m. With the two adjoining samples, the three continuous samples averaged assayed 40.32 g/t Au and 5.02 g/t Ag over three m.

A channel sample, ID No. D110069, taken 18 m to the south of the 40.32 g/t Au over three m contained coarse visible gold and assayed 438.23 g/t Au and 145.2 g/t Ag over one m, the highest single assay in the current sampling program.

Two consecutive channel samples, ID No. D110102 and No. D110103, taken 62 m farther to the south, averaged 4.64 g/t Au over 1.65 m. Near the south end of the Galena stripping, channel sample ID No. D110122 assayed 1.58 g/t Au over 0.9 m. The Galena vein has a high gold background with 40.6 per cent of the samples averaging over 0.1 g/t Au.


No high-grade gold assays were reported from the two stripped areas that cover a portion of the ground between the two gold-bearing vein systems. Only a portion of the exposed rock was channel sampled.


Considering the erratic distribution of the coarse gold mineralization observed on surface, the channel sampling succeeded in confirming a significant set of gold-bearing vein systems (Galena and No. 2). Typically in such vein systems, the preferred and more definitive manner to define the average gold grade and the economic potential is to do a bulk sample which would provide a large enough volume to more closely reflect the grade and potential of the vein systems.

Natan is studying the channel results along with the recent grab sampling, historical trenching, detail mapping and geophysical surveys in order to design the next phase of exploration. Natan is well financed recently having raised $4-million.

The channel samples were assayed at Laboratoire Expert in Rouyn-Noranda, Que., using standard fire assay methods. A strict quality assurance/quality control program was applied to all samples, which includes insertion of mineralized reference materials or blank samples or duplicates for each batch of 20 samples. The gold analyses were completed by fire assay with an atomic absorption finish on 30 grams of material. Repeats were carried out by fire assay followed by gravimetric testing on each sample containing one g/t gold or more.


Grab samples are selective by nature and are unlikely to represent average grades. Channel samples, on the other hand, are not selective by nature, the same as drill holes are not selective.

The Montalembert property was optioned to Natan by Globex. (See Natan and Globex press releases dated Nov. 17, 2016, for details.)

We seek Safe Harbor.

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I see Moriarty just wrote about it too and here it is ... 13017.html
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